Silicon Valley meet Latino Developers Stanford 5/14 2nd Annual LOFT Coder Summit

As the Chairman of the Hispanic Heritage Foundation (HHF), I am proud to partner with Infosys Foundation USA to host our 2nd Annual LOFT Coder Summit (LCS) at Stanford University on Saturday, May 14.  

The LCS is part of HHF's LOFT Code as a Second Language (CSL) national initiative, one of the programs I am most proud of creating.  CSL includes the development and mobilization of a network of Latino software engineers ready to introduce computer programming to under-represented students across the country.  It's a simple model that scales phenomenally and allows us to teach computer programming to kids at a fraction of the cost vs. most other coding instruction programs.  We gather hundreds of Latino engineers at every LCS to create a community of peers, which benefits them professionally.  Then, we choose amongst them a core group of CSL Fellows who are willing to share their skills with under-served communities throughout the U.S.  We prepare them with relevant open-sourced curricula and facilitate the instruction through our relationships with dozens of school districts.  

We have now launched LCS as a series across the country to broaden the network to thousands of Latino coders ready to drive impact.  We have held LCS in Austin at SXSW, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, and later this year New York City.  If you are a Latino software engineer, programmer, hacker, developer, and/or computer scientist, we invite you to be part of our next LCS happening in a few weeks at Stanford.  It's a one of a kind experience.  

Based on my experiences in the tech industry, both in growing a start-up and on the investing side in venture capital/growth, too many times I have heard the excuse of a lack of Latino technical talent being the reason for a lack of a diverse technology workforce.  

As we execute each LCS and enter every classroom, we know that there is not a lack for technical talent.  However, instead of sitting back and waiting for Silicon Valley to realize it, we have decided to create our own workforce.  Aside from creating an amazing developer community at each LCS, we also include a Demo Day style afternoon.  Latino engineers are building technology and starting new ventures every day and we love that many choose to showcase it at LCS.  

LOFT CSL Fellows have now been in over 15 cities impacting thousands of students and we're only getting started.  Please invite us to your community and join forces with us to drive computer science education to those who are the most likely to benefit from our efforts.  

See you at Stanford on Saturday, 5/14.