How It Works

The Code as a Second Language National Initiative is looking for professionals who are passionate about technology and coding. If you are a professional who fits into the following roles we want to talk to you!

Tech Entrepreneur

Tech Entrepreneur

Business Professional

Business Professional





A corps of technology professionals and software engineers will introduce high school students to the exciting and challenging world of coding in after-school classes, Coding Jams, and other activities.

Become A CSL Fellow

Want to make a difference in your community? Become a CSL Fellow and teach youth how to code! As a CSL Fellow you will have the power to impact the lives of many people who without you, would have no one to guide them through the concepts of computer coding. In the next five years there will be over 2 million job openings in the Technology industry, yet more than 98% of schools do not provide a computer science course. Help us bridge that gap, be the difference in a person’s life.

Program Goals

CSL will increase the amount of technology-related positions filled by local diverse talent.

For Students

Supply every student with introductory skillset of web-design & computer programming and the doorway to learn more advanced programming language and skills.

Students will also have access to year round LOFT Innovation leadership and workforce development programs in order to gain the skills, experience, and network needed to succeed in the workforce.

We will help prepare you for a career in tech and be there to provide you with the support needed.

When you sign up for CSL as a student, you will be the first to know about new events and resources in your area.

For Companies

We are committed to providing a technically skilled diverse pool of talent for technology companies.

Through our ecosystem of talent we provide companies with qualified students and professionals who meet their rigorous requirements.

We also provide exposure to companies through year-round platforms and relationships including more than 75 events.

For CSL Fellows

As a CSL Fellow You will be a leader within your community, guiding young minds through their initial journey through technology.

As a CSL Fellow You will be a fundamental component in the diversification of the technology industry and help create opportunities for your peers.

You will be connected to LOFT Network, with over 140,000 individuals where you will receive fellowship and internship offers, mentorship and a community of young professionals.


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Leaders on Fast Track Code as a Second Language National Initiative has been recognized by leading corporations nationwide. These caring corporate citizens have partnered with us to find new and creative ways to lift and create a diverse pool of talent to meet Americas workforce needs.

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